The best machinery for packaging pharma products in stick packs

Consumer dynamics have changed a lot over the last few years. More and more people are looking to consume products instantly and anywhere. Practicality is a priority.

A good solution is single-dose packaging, such as stick packs or sachets. An ideal format for packaging pharma products, as it is a light, resistant package that protects and keeps the product inside in the best conditions.


Flexible single-dose packaging for pharma products 

The consumption of pharmaceutical products is not different from this trend and is looking for a use in single doses. These allow the medication to be taken at any time and place without the need for water or even a glass or bottle.

In order to be able to package pharma products, flexible packaging machinery is needed, in order to obtain containers such as sachets or stick packs. But in this article we will focus on this last mentioned packaging format: stick pack, a highly recommended packaging for this type of projects.

Stick pack catalogue - INVpack

Meet the PH series for packaging pharma products 

For packaging pharmaceutical products, INVpack has worked to offer a range focused on the needs and requirements of the sector.

We are talking about the PH series. This series of vertical packaging machinery (VFFS) is made up of two machines; the PH6 and PH9, both equipped with the best technology to guarantee the hygiene and protocols necessary for the commercialization and consumption of pharmaceutical products. An example of this technology would be the CIP cleaning systems.

                                   PH6 INvpack PH9 INVpack 

Packaging any product in flexible single-dose format is always a challenge, but especially packaging pharma products.
INVpack is able to do it with all the guarantees and features necessary for a correct packaging. Thanks to its capacity for continuous improvement and innovation, the result is optimal and efficient, thus offering the best single-dose packaging solution for pharmaceutical products on the market.

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