Single-dose Packaging machinery for powder products

Single-dose flexible packaging is a type of packaging that can pack many different products, can be liquids, pastes, granules, solids or powders.
In this article we will focus on this last typology:

There are many types of products in powder format and each one has different characteristics. We can find pharmaceutical products (medicines), nutritional products (vitamins, probiotics, supplements...), food products (cocoa, coffee, powdered milk,...), etc.

Due to all these modalities, packaging elements in powder format is not an easy task, because it is very sensitive to change its state. In other words, factors such as humidity and temperature can have an huge impact and create effects such as caking.

This requires specific technology that allows totally reliable and precise dosing.
INVpack's various models of single-dose packaging machines, designed for every production need, are easily adaptable to any type of single-dose format and size required. For all customers we design customized and optimal solutions for their product.

Single-dose packaging machinery - INVpack

Once a vertical packaging machine has been chosen according to the format (stick pack or sachet) and the desired production, it is necessary to apply to the corresponding machine a powder doser, which can be depending on the granulometry of the product:

- Auger filler
- Cup filler
- Sliding dice dosing system

For this purpose, INVpack has an experienced team in the field, which assesses all the factors to be taken into account when choosing the ideal single-dose packaging machine according to the needs of each customer and the type of product.

To help in this process and offer the best solution, as experts in vertical packaging machinery in single dose format, we have facilities to perform this type of tests. For example: There is a clean room where there is a single-dose machine and where the environmental country conditions, humidity, temperature, etc. can be recreated and then make a packaging simulatio with the product samples provided by the customer.

In this way, the most suitable and efficient option is studied and evaluated on the basis of all the factors involved.
Thanks to all these elements, INVpack can offer the best solutions in flexible single-dose packaging.

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