Sachet packaging for the nutritional sector

The nutritional sector is becoming more and more important, as it is vital for human beings to enjoy good health and, above all, to prevent illnesses. The changing society increasingly demands immediate and practical consumption, a single-dose format such as sachet packaging. 

What you should know about the nutritional sector 

The nutritional sector is the one that focuses on vitamin supplements for people's health and physical well-being.

An example would be vitamins, protein supplements... We would find products in powder format (food supplement to be mixed with food), granulated (probiotics), liquid (vitamin in single doses), pasty (royal jelly) and even solid.

This sector can sometimes be confused with the pharmaceutical sector, as these types of products tend to have a similar appearance and, in addition, most of them are also sold in pharmacies.

But these (nutritional products), when it comes to packaging and marketing, do not have to adapt or comply with so many health and hygiene regulations.

Sachet packaging, an ally for the nutritional sector

There are many ways of packaging nutritional products in single-dose format, but one of the best formats for this type of product is the sachet.

It is a flat sachet with 4 seals that allows small quantities of product to be packaged in a light and practical package due to its film and its easy-opening system.

Furthermore, it is a packaging that can be made with 100% recyclable, recycled and even biodegradable materials, depending on the characteristics of the film. This makes it an environmentally friendly packaging, generating the least impact on the ecosystem.

Download the catalogue - Packaging machinery for Sachet - INVpack

Get to know the machine for packaging nutritional products in sachets

To pack a nutritional product in sachet format, vertical packaging machinery is necessary. INVpack offers the MVA series, which covers from large productions (MVA12 and MVA9) to small productions (MVA4 EVO).

The latter, MVA4 EVO, is the most compact model of the range for sachet packaging, which offers very competitive advantages in relation to the footprint/production ratio.

MVA Series - Sachet - INVpack

In conclusion, all these machines can adapt their technologies and features to the sector and the characteristics of the desired product, in order to achieve an optimal packaging process.


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