INVpack, manufacturers of sachet packaging machinery

The single-dose sachet is one of the most common packaging in the world of flexible packaging. To manufacture and fill this type of packaging it is necessary to make use of vertical packaging machinery.

At INVpack, as experts in dosing and manufacturers of sachet, stick pack... machinery, we have a wide experience and projects in this field that support us.
Throughout almost 20 years of history, we have developed hundreds of packaging machines in this format that have been implemented in factories around the world.

References in sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutrition and dairy demonstrate the adaptability of the machines according to the project and the product in question. As a company expert in dosing and designers and producers of our own dosing systems, we are able to manufacture packaging machinery (sachet, stick pack) for products as different as liquids, solids, granulates, powders and even small solids.

For this reason, at INVpack we are continuously working in the R&D area, in order to offer more and more complete and efficient solutions for packaging in sachet or any other type of single-dose format.

Innovation and quality in sachet packaging machinery

During the 20 years of the company's trajectory, the packaging machines designed entirely in INVpack have been evolving until reaching the excellence and offering all the guarantees of the European machinery (CE seal) and the corresponding efficiency, which only 2% of the non-productive time is spent in cleaning tasks, reel change or maintenance.
All this allows us to offer maximum packaging guarantees, always complying with the requirements and specifications of all sectors, especially the most demanding ones, such as the pharmaceutical or dairy sectors.

This expertise makes INVpack one of the most important manufacturers of sachet packaging machinery in the international market, with more than 600 machines sold around the world.

INVpack's installations - Manufacturers of sachet packaging machinery


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