INVpack joins the Positive industry movement

INVpack as an industrial company committed to the environment, we have joined the Positive Industry initiative promoted by AMEC.

It is a movement to make possible the change of productive model. Defending a solid and diversified economy, where all productive sectors are maintained in a strong and sustainable balance: ecological production landscapes, excellent quality food, services focused on major objectives and industrial and knowledge brands that are a global reference.

Positive industry believes that it is vital to face a change of production model and therefore it is necessary that society and other companies are aware of the social progress that generates a more industrialized economy.

At INVpack we did not want to remain on the sidelines of this initiative, since we not only want to face the new changes and practices towards a more sustainable business model, but we also want to play an active role by participating in initiatives to eliminate from the collective imagination the relationship between industry and pollution, establishing the basis for a more respectful era in industrial processes.

At INVpack we have been working individually for years in this line, with projects and initiatives such as those in the following video, as we understand that the only way towards an industrial future is sustainability and respect for the environment.

In this link you can read the whole manifesto.

For more information, visit the website

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