INVpack an energetically sustainable and environmentally aware company

It is becoming increasingly clear that the environment is a very precious asset and we must take care of it. To preserve it, companies and individuals are changing their way of acting to modify the way they consume energy.

INVpack is a company focused on vertical multi-lane packaging machinery manufacturing and we are also part of the change. Ecology is part of the company's philosophy, in fact it is one of our pillars when working and developing our activity. Since our beginnings we have made a great commitment to the preservation of the environment, being pioneers in manufacturing the first production equipment for the stick pack format, a packaging that reduces the use of material by around 30%.

For us it has always been of vital importance to work according to the following premises:

  • Develop our daily sustainability plan to improve energy savings.
  • Offer 100% sustainable machines
  • Be energetically self-sufficient
  • ...and Produce with renewable energies.


Some of them are already being implemented because INVpack's new headquarters was designed with the objective to implement new technologies that will lead us to reduce energy and use of natural resource.

For example; For normal production operations, compressed air generating equipment is necessary, which generates a large amount of heat that is cooled by oil. To take advantage of this heat, a heat exchanger was installed to provide hot water for showers and sinks throughout the company.

Another aspect that we took into account is the activation of several mechanisms to detect if in any area of the factory, our machines or appliances are using energy, and if not, to deactivate their residual consumption, a factor that helps us to be more efficient and not to overload the network.

All these initiatives, among many others that have been carried out, are very powerful when it comes to saving energy, but we were missing one more step, self-sufficiency.

For this we contacted Cliensol, experts in energy management for companies, who as specialists in the field helped us to implement and improve our sustainability plan, reducing CO2 emissions by 45%.

They analyzed our needs and decided to implement a renewable installation that allows us to supply 63% of its energy consumption.

In addition, a premium 360º service was contracted to ensure that consumption is always the minimum necessary. To this end, all energy production and generation consumption is verified in real time to ensure that the amortization period is as short as possible, but also, most importantly, to reduce CO2 emissions, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment in industrial processes.

Thanks to all these initiatives, year after year at INVpack we manage to be better and more energy efficient, and become a benchmark company in sustainability.


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