INVpack Joined Fórum del Café

INVpack joins the Coffee Forum. Since September 2021 INVpack has decided to join the Fórum del Café.

This non-profit organization was founded in 1996 and is focused on the dissemination and promotion of coffee culture among the sector itself and also among consumers.
To this end, it organizes technical, artistic, recreational and cultural activities and training. This has led INVpack to become a pioneering association and the standard bearer of successful projects such as the Barista and Cupping Championships, and the publication of the first thematic magazine on coffee in Spain.

INVpack has joined with the intention of providing a vision and experience related to coffee at a technical level. As experts in dosing, INVpack can offer a wide range of flexible single-dose packaging machinery that adapts to any type of coffee, but always maintaining the flavor, intensity and properties of the coffee, whatever the single-dose packaging; stick pack, sachet and even capsule.

K2 Capsules - INVpack


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