Industry 4.0 and its application in packaging machinery

Industry 4.0 is a concept that has long been talked about and is present in many sectors such as packaging machinery.

In this article, we will try to solve those common doubts and give some examples of its application and what this new technological trend implies.

What is Industry 4.0 and why is it relevant for packaging machinery?

Industry has changed a lot in recent years, both in terms of machinery and in terms of organisation and processes.
Increasingly, total control of the machinery is being sought, and this means having real-time data in a fully automated way. This factor has a name: Industry 4.0.
In the packaging machinery sector, the trend is no different.

In this type of industry, this technology is very present, as it brings great advantages that we exemplify below.

Example of the application of Industry 4.0 in packaging machinery 

Thanks to the IIot technology (Industrial internet of things) we can find many actions for a better control of the production and the state of the machine.

A basic example would be remote access to the machine. This is usually done via an industrial router. This allows remote repairs and even preventive maintenance and even studying the operation of the machine remotely.

We also find data analysis such as daily production control, temperatures, product dosing quantity, defective elements...

For INVpack, Industry 4.0 is a key element to offer a good service and reliability in our packaging machinery.

Benefits and competitive advantages of applying Industry 4.0 to packaging machinery 

All this technology allows packaging machinery to be repaired and upgraded without time and space constraints. In addition, it is possible to obtain metrics and analysis (in real time) and over time, of the work carried out by the machine according to the parameters indicated.

All these factors can be very useful throughout the packaging process and also in the life cycle of the machine, as a daily analysis helps to prevent possible problems, thus extending the years of useful life of the machine.

We can therefore conclude that Industry 4.0 is not just a trend, it is a reality. A reality that facilitates and improves the operation of the machinery (in this case packaging) and its corresponding maintenance and repair service through the after-sales area.

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