4 advantages of stick pack packaging

There are several single-dose packaging formats, and over the years it has become evident that the stick pack format is one of the most highly valued both by users and by packaging, food and pharmaceutical companies.... as it is a packaging with great qualities.

What are the advantages of stick pack packaging?

It is one of the lightest single-dose packages on the market. This type of packaging is characterized by several qualities that make it a complete, practical and functional solution.

Stick pack, a more sustainable packaging

Why is it a sustainable packaging compared to other single-dose packs? There is a very clear reason: the stick pack format is a package that uses 33% less film compared to the sachet format, considerably reducing the use of material necessary for the production of single-dose packages.

Allows to increase productions

The stick pack, being an elongated format, allows more lanes to be made per machine (i.e. the narrower the pack, the more lanes). Therefore, the number of lanes can have a significant impact on the production of the vertical packaging machine.

Easy to transport

This is a lightweight packaging, as film, by nature, is already a remarkably lightweight type of material. In addition, if you factor in a minimum use of film, we find ourselves with a convenient and practical package to use and transport.

It is a resistant package, since it withstands high pressures, eliminating any type of leakage and resistant to extreme temperatures, keeping the product inside in perfect condition, as long as the product allows it.

More control and precision

The stick pack format offers a practical and easy opening to the final consumer.
This aspect provides the user with maximum convenience at the time of consumption, without having problems such as spills, drips or other annoying and uncomfortable factors when consuming the product.

In short, for all the reasons mentioned above, single-dose stick pack packaging is a very good option to consider when packaging any single-dose product.

Stick pack catalogue - INVpackFor this, there is a wide range of machinery ready to pack in stick pack format, depending on the desired production and the type of product to be packaged. If you need it, INVpack's team will advise you to obtain the ideal machine and a specific dosing system taking into account your particular needs.


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