What kind of machinery do I need for sachet packaging in the cosmetic sector?

To pack a cosmetic product in single dose, sachet or stick pack, it is very important to have a great knowledge of the product.

What should you take into account before packaging a cosmetic product?

There are factors that can influence the packaging process, such as for example:

- Viscosity: the degree of fluidity of the product is decisive to know the behavior of the product inside the machine and the flexible single-dose package.

- Granulometry: it is important to know if the product contains particles, as it usually happens in products such as face and body creams, shampoos...

- Behavior according to environmental factors: it is vital to know if the product changes its state according to humidity, temperature or even luminosity. Some products tend to change from pasty to liquid with these factors.

There are other factors, no less important, to be taken into account when packaging in sachet format, basically it is to be clear about the result we want to obtain based on the following items:

- Desired packaging: it is essential to be clear about the measurements that the packaging in single-dose format has to comply with (width, height...).

- Production speed: from the beginning it must be clear how many units we want to produce, that is to say, how many units of single-dose packaged product we need (it can be calculated per minute, per hour, daily, monthly...).

All these factors will determine which machine to buy and which technologies to equip it with (dosing system, in-line weighers, pick & place...).

Sachet packaging for the cosmetic sector - INVpack

Machinery for packaging sachets in the cosmetic sector

INVpack has a range specifically dedicated to sachet packaging. It consists of 3 machines, each of them designed for a different reel width and, therefore, a different production.

Firstly, there is the MVA4 EVO: with a reel width of up to 40mm, it can pack cosmetic products in sachet with an output of 300 units per minute.

Secondly, there is the MVA9 with a reel width of up to 1000 mm offering up to 12 lanes, which allows a maximum production of 850 units per minute.

And finally, as a third option there is the MV12 model, intended for large productions, since it can cover a coil width of up to 1240mm and thanks to its maximum of 15 tracks can reach a production of up to 1100 upm.

Below is the summary table.

MVA Series - Sachet - INVpack


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