What do I need to pack pharmaceuticals in sachets?

Pharmaceuticals have evolved over the years, and with it, their packaging and the way they are taken.

Contemporary life has meant that more and more products are consumed "on the go", and the pharmaceutical market is no different. For this reason, flexible packaging in single-dose format is the way to go. This type of packaging takes up little space, is clean, light and can be consumed anywhere and at any time.

For the packaging of pharmaceutical products in sachet or stick pack format, vertical packaging machines are required.

Do you have any doubts about what you need to pack pharmaceutical products in single-dose sachets? Today we tell you all the steps to pack pharmaceutical products efficiently!

Stick pack - INVpack

1. Define your production needs

The first step in defining a good production strategy is to consider your needs and the characteristics of your product. To package a pharmaceutical product in single-dose format (stick pack or sachet) it is necessary:

  • Know the characteristics of your product (viscosity, density, behavior...).
  • Be clear about how much you want to pack in each sachet.
  • To have vertical packaging machinery, according to production needs.
  • Choose the type of laminated material you want to pack with (PET/PE, PAPER/ALUMINIUM/PE, PET/LDPE...).

2. Why should you choose a machine that can be customised and adapted to your pharmaceutical product?

Customisable machines are the best option for packaging pharmaceutical products efficiently and quickly. It is important to choose a machine with technology adaptable to multiple products (liquid, pasty, powders, granules) and where production costs are optimised, thus increasing packaging productivity. In addition, customised machines allow maximum use of space, facilitating maintenance and cleaning.

For this reason, we recommend that you take into account the following points when choosing your customised machine for packaging pharmaceutical products:

  • Type of product to be packed: granulated, powder, liquid, pasty or even solid.
  • Behavior and adaptation of the product when it is packed
  • Product properties and particle size: presence of solids within the product
  • Packaging format: square, large...
  • Opening system
  • Quantity to be dispensed in each sachet
  • Production speed (units per minute)

3. Regulations and quality standards to be considered for machinery in the pharmaceutical sector

Machines in the pharmaceutical sector must comply with GMP regulations and are designed and built to the strictest manufacturing standards. To check the machine's certificates, the procedure advises to check the certificates of the materials, welding, and roughness test among others.

You must choose pharmaceutical packaging machines adapted to this type of characteristics and meeting the requirements of the sector, such as:

  • Current regulations in the pharmaceutical sector
  • GMP, FDA and MUA regulations
  • GAMP5 requirements
  • Full traceability
  • Maximum precision
  • Optimal hygienic conditions
  • Track and trace tracking system
  • Proper preservation

                Sachet - INVpack                        

With any doubt, opting for high-tech and customizable machinery is the best option on the market, as it allows you to pack the pharmaceutical product in the desired single-dose format (type of packaging, length and width, capacity...) without renouncing all the legal, health and hygiene guarantees that characterize and are obligatory in the pharmaceutical sector.

Get to know the sachet and stick pack solutions for the Pharma sector. For any questions or clarification, we are at your disposal.


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