Vertical machinery for packaging sachets

In the packaging industry there is a wide variety of formats for single-dose packaging.

One of the best known and most common formats in most markets is the sachet, also called the four-seal sachet.

Versatility and practicality in sachet packaging

This is a format that can be totally adapted to the needs of the product or sector. That is, sizes, capacity, type of sealing... can be adapted.

And for this, the machinery that produces this type of packaging, vertical packaging machinery, can also be adapted in factors such as production speed (units per minute), product dosing system or can even work with various types of film (paper, single-layer, single-family, recyclable, water-soluble...).

Vertical machines MVA series, ideal for packaging sachets

INVpack has a wide range of machines for sachet packaging. One of the advantages of this type of machinery is the space saving "footprint" versus other sachet forming and packaging technologies.

Each of the vertical packaging machines cover a reel width. We find:

Vertical machinery for packaging sachets - MVA Series - INVpack


The MVA4 EVO model is a compact machine with reduced dimensions, capable of working with a reel width of up to 400 mm wide filling at a maximum output of 300upm through a maximum of 4 lanes.


The MVA9 model is a compact machine capable of working with coils up to 900 mm wide and with a minimum of 3 lanes and a maximum of 12 with a maximum production of 850 upm.


The MVA12 model is a compact machine capable of working with coils up to 1200 mm wide, reaching up to 15 tracks and a production of 1100 upm.

Download the catalogue to know the main features of each machine:

Download the catalogue - Packaging machinery for Sachet - INVpack

The MVA series of vertical machines for sachet packaging, stands out for testing prepared to pack all types of products (solid, granular, powder, liquid and pasty) for sectors such as food, cosmetic and nutritional with optimum efficiency (98%), allocating the remaining 2% to maintenance tasks and reel changes.


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