Stick pack, environmentally friendly packaging

The world of packaging is very wide, but if we focus on flexible single-dose packaging, we find a range of options, including stick pack packaging.

For those who do not know it, it is a three-seal format (top, bottom and rear sealing), and can have several measures both in length and width, depending on the amount of product to be packaged.

Flexible packaging that adapts to new consumer habits

Each product has its own peculiarities, and this can modify the characteristics of stick pack packaging as mentioned above.
The most important thing is that the packaging is as light and practical as possible when it is used.

Since contemporary life drags the user to a totally random consumption, that is to say, there is the need to consume the product at any time and place. This implies that the sachet must offer a good opening system and must be practical to carry.

Stick pack catalogue - INVpack

Multiple applications for stick pack packaging

The stick pack format is ideal for a wide variety of products: liquid, pasty, granular, powdered... And it can be adapted to the requirements of a wide range of sectors such as food, dairy, nutritional, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

Stick pack: more environmentally friendly packaging

Savings in materials

The stick pack packaging format, in addition to being the lightest on the market, is the most ecologically responsible.

On the one hand, 33% less film is used in its production compared to the sachet format (four-seal flat).

On the other hand, as it has an elongated shape, the surface it occupies is smaller and, therefore, the storage capacity increases and the ratio of transport costs/units decreases.

More environmentally friendly materials

INVpack has vertical packaging machinery in stick pack format ready to work with a wide variety of materials. The applied technology allows us to work with recyclable materials such as PP, PLA, paper, bio - PE... to promote more environmentally friendly productions.

In short, the stick pack format is not only practical, but also environmentally friendly, since a lower percentage of film is used in its manufacture compared to other packaging formats, and this film can be made of recyclable materials and even biodegradable or water-soluble materials.
This aspect positions stick pack packaging as one of the best solutions in the world of flexible single-dose packaging.

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