Single-dose packs in flexible format, increasingly environmentally friendly

The current situation and the reality of our planet requires vertical packaging companies to work to create packaging that is increasingly more ecological and respectful and that provides environmental benefits.

Technical and environmental benefits

INVpack is ready to develop new challenges for packaging with its vertical form fill and seal machines using environmentally friendly materials in stick pack or sachet format, among others.

Reduction of aluminium in packaging 

As a company dedicated to the manufacture of vertical form fill and seal machines (VFFS), and based on its innovative DNA, it invests in the search for environmental benefits through solutions adapted to the use of ecological and recyclable materials, thus reducing the excess of materials such as aluminium. Making a commitment to the environment means investing in the continuous improvement of the company.

Making the most of the square metres of film 

To this end, they are constantly working with leading manufacturers of packaging materials. This synergy helps to advance in the application of 100% recyclable single-family laminated materials and in the new development of the range of water-soluble materials. 
In addition, from a machinery point of view, we are always looking to maximize efficiency and film utilization, reducing waste and rejects, always aiming for the minimum %.

Reducing energy consumption

Throughout its more than 20 years of history, INVpack has carried out several actions that bring environmental benefits.

One of them, for example, is the installation of photovoltaic panels. Another initiative is that, for the usual production operation of vertical packaging machines, technology such as a compressed air generator is necessary, which generates a large amount of heat that is cooled by oil. To take advantage of this heat, a heat exchanger was installed to provide hot water in the facilities.

And finally, another initiative was the implementation of mechanisms for detecting energy use and deactivating its residual consumption in the event of a pause.

For INVpack its day to day as a company and each project is a great opportunity to contribute to the environment and take on great challenges and requirements in the packaging sector, and continue working under its main philosophy: to grow, innovating every day and providing environmental benefits in the manufacture of vertical packaging machines.


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