Sachet packaging machines for the food sector

The sachet is one of the most popular packaging type/format in the world of vertical packaging and more specifically in single-dose packaging. To produce them, it is necessary vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) machinery.

Choosing a machine: Considerations for sachet packaging

Machine’s choise will depend on the needs of each project. However, there are 3 factors that can be analyzed before purchasing:

Characteristics of the sachet: Define what final result you want to obtain, taking into account the material, width and width of the sachet, among other specifications.

Production speed: Establish the production target in daily units. In this way, it will be possible to calculate the cycles per minute that the machine must comply with.

Reel width and available surface: The size of the reell and the space available for the machinery in your factory can determine what type of machine to choose. In this case, the choice of vertical packaging machines reduces considerably the footprint, leaving space for other machinery like secondary elements (cartoning machine, conveyor belt, etc.).

Sachet packaging machinery for food products

INVpack has machinery ready to pack in sachet format. The MVA series. It has 3 machines to cover various reel widths:
MVA4 (up to 400 mm), MVA9 (up to 900 mm) and MVA12 (up to 1200 mm).

Factors such as the type of reel and the width of the envelope can determine the number of tracks on each machine.
All these machines are ideal for the food sector, as they are a type of machinery that can be adapted to any type of product (granular, powder, liquid, pasty or even solid), as the dosing device can be adapted according to the characteristics of the product to be packaged.
In other words, the MVA series can pack everything from honey to sugar and all kinds of sauces, condiments and food dressing.

Download the catalogue - Packaging machinery for Sachet - INVpack

The technology developed by INVpack will be adapted to the characteristics of the product to pack it with all the food and health guarantees for its preservation, flavor and properties.

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