Sachet packaging machines for the dairy industry

Today's society leads us more and more to the consumption of products in single-dose format, an example of which is sachet packaging.

The dairy sector is no different, and increasingly smaller and more practical packaging formats are being used for everyday life. In other words, our routine leads us to the consumption of small and individual packages.

What to consider before packaging a dairy product in sachets

If we focus on the packaging process, packaging a dairy product is a big challenge, but even more so if the objective is to obtain it in small doses of approximately 10 to 50g.

To maintain all the characteristics of the product (flavor, food properties, typology, fluidity, density...), totally aseptic machinery is necessary, and if we are specifically looking for a single-dose format, vertical packaging machinery is needed.

Sachet packaging machinery for the dairy sector

At INVpack we have developed all the necessary technology to pack dairy products in flexible packaging in both sachet and stick pack formats.

Las máquinas preparadas para llevar a cabo este proceso de packaging son:

  • MVA9: Prepared to pack dairy product in sachet format, working with a reel width of 900mm.
  • MVA12: Prepared to pack dairy products in sachet format, focused on large productions thanks to its maximum reel width of 1200mm.
  • PH6: Prepared to pack dairy products in stick pack format, working with a maximum reel width of 600mm.
  • PH9: Prepared to pack dairy product in stick pack format, it is the machine that can offer more production, taking into account that it has a maximum reel width of 900mm.

All dairy product packaging must comply with strict food safety standards, therefore, vertical packaging machinery designed to work with this type of product must also meet these requirements, such as:

  • To be made of AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Incorporate CIP/SIP cleaning system
  • Follow GMP guidelines
  • Include a HEPA filter
  • Comply with HACCP regulations

As experts in vertical packaging machinery, and more specifically in dosing, all INVpack machines offer the best technologies and all the guarantees for packaging dairy products in single doses.

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