Machinery for sachet packaging in the pharmaceutical sector

The sachet is a very common single-dose package in our daily life.

In the pharmaceutical sector it is very common to pack products in this format, since all these elements mentioned below contribute to maintain all the characteristics and properties of the medicine.

  • It offers a fully customizable design.
  • It adapts to the type of product and the desired quantity.
  • It is easy to transport and even pack in boxes and/or cases.
  • Depending on the composition material of the film, the product benefits from factors such as opacity, high temperature resistance, moisture insulation, high pressure support...
  •  It ensures good quality at a competitive price.
    Machinery for sachet packaging in the pharmaceutical sector

What kind of sachet packaging machinery do I need?

For this, vertical packaging machinery (VFFS) is needed, which is prepared to manufacture (and fill) single-dose containers of any product in the pharmaceutical sector, whether in liquid, paste, powder or granulated format.

This type of machinery adapts perfectly to other requirements such as:

  • Sachet measurements: the length and width of the sachet.
  • Dosage: The amount of product to be packaged (usually in g or ml).
  • Production speed: the desired units per minute. It can also be calculated on the basis of the daily units required.

Type of film to be used: monolayer, laminated, PET/PE, PAPER/ALUMINIUM/PE, PET/LDPE. As well as recyclable materials, water-soluble, transparent, ... These are some of the possibilities that exist when choosing a flexible film. 

In the same way, it is essential to have a clear idea of the reel width required to develop the single-dose packaging project.

As is logical, many of these items are related to each other, since, depending on the quantity to be dosed, the sachet will be of one size or another. And this will determine the width of the reel needed to achieve the desired daily production.

Requirements for products in the pharmaceutical sector

In addition, the packaging machinery for pharmaceutical products must meet very strict requirements in the field of quality and hygiene, as could be:

  • Compliance with current regulations in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • GMP, FDA and MUA regulations
  • GAMP5 requirements
  • Full traceability
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Optimal hygienic conditions
  • Track and trace system

All these elements must be accompanied by correct machine maintenance. To pack pharmaceutical products in sachets, health and safety guarantees are required, as they represent a great responsibility for people's health. 

Thus, working with machinery with optimal maintenance will ensure that the product is produced in good condition and avoid possible repercussions for consumers.

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