Introduction to the C2 machine for packaging refill products

The industrial world is changing, especially in relation to sustainability. For years, the packaging machinery sector has been making a firm commitment to reduce the impact on the environment. A current trend is the packaging of refill products, i.e. a format that offers a version of the same product in a complementary container to refill the main container.

Packaging refill products: the revolution of the C2 refillable packaging machine 

INVpack, as an innovative company, has decided to make a commitment to the cosmetic sector. Under this vision, the C2 machine was born. A rotary machine to pack refill products in capsule with die-cut lid, commonly called refillable packaging.

The C2 is equipped with the latest technologies for optimal packaging. It features a die-cut lid sealing and is equipped with a unit weighing system (100% IPC) that ensures that each jar is filled with the correct amount of product, guaranteeing the consistency and quality of each batch. It also has a dosing system controlled by a flow meter on each lane, which ensures high dosing accuracy. In addition, the machine can work in double pass (two by two bottles) or single pass (bottle by bottle).

C2 rotary machine for packaging refill products - INVpack C2 rotary machine for packaging refill products - INVpack


Benefits of the C2 model for packaging refill products in a more sustainable way

The new C2 rotary machine offers great production advantages when packaging cosmetic products. One of them is the production speed of up to 120 units per minute. In addition, it is a machine that can be adapted to the characteristics of the rigid container (size and quantity to be dosed) and, above all, to the product to be packaged.

These factors offer a very competitive machine that can be adapted to the needs of each project and product, always following the requirements and trends of the cosmetic sector.

A more sustainable world requires a considerable reduction in waste generation. In the cosmetics sector, the use of refillable packaging is one of the most powerful initiatives being developed in recent times. Companies such as INVpack are committed to change, and work daily to develop technologies that accompany and make this improvement possible for our environment and the not so distant future.


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