Introduction to Stick Pack, efficient monodose packaging

Stickpack packaging is one of the most famous and widely used flexible packaging formats in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutritional and dairy industries.

It is a flexible packaging with 3 seals; two horizontal seals on the sides and one vertical seal at the back. Its format is usually long and narrow, although it is also possible in square format.

What are the main characteristics of stick pack packaging?

  • MONODOSE packaging.
  • Square or large format (with adaptable dimensions).
  • Three seal flat envelope.
  • Design options
  • High quality sealing (hermetic).
  • Allows packaging of pasty products, liquids, powders, granulates and solids.
  • Packaging in small quantities and in a precise way (raw material saving).
  • Quality packaging at a competitive price.


Stick pack - INVpack

What are the benefits of the stick pack format?

  • Easy to carry: light and space-saving

The stick pack format is ideal to carry with you in all circumstances. The packaging is totally flexible, which prevents breakage and therefore prevents the contents from spilling.

Moreover, as it is a format designed to contain small quantities ranging from 5 to 15ml, its size and weight are reduced.

Another fact that contributes to the fact that it is the lightest monodose container on the market is the film. There are different types that can vary relatively in weight, but in general it is a very light material.

  • Practical and ideal for "on the go" consumption

This type of monodose packaging has many advantages. One of them is that it allows the product to be consumed at any time and in any place.

With its easy-opening system, no tools are needed to open the packaging. In addition, the balance between elasticity and consistency of the film allows you to take the medicine with complete peace of mind and safety, to dress/condiment your food, food and beverages, and even to apply the product on your body such as skin or hair.

Monodose stick pack - INVpack

How to pack in monodose stick pack format?

It is a format that has been evolving over the years due to the speed achieved with vertical packaging machinery and thanks to the savings in material versus other formats.

It is developed in high production machines and contained measures compared to other solutions. Space cost savings with controlled environmental conditions are high.

As a result, the stick pack format is one of the most efficient monodose packaging formats on the market.

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