How to increase the performance in sachet packaging?

In the packaging sector there are many types of machinery for each format type. In the case of single-dose packaging, one of the most popular formats is the sachet. For this, vertical packaging machinery is necessary.

This machinery is fully adaptable to any type of product, whether it is powder, granular, liquid, pasty or even solid.
But the most important thing is that the vertical packaging machinery for sachet, or any other type of single-dose flexible packaging, can comply the standards and requirements to be ready to work for sectors or industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, nutritional and dairy.

Soluciones packaging sachet - INVpack

Apply an integral system of the whole process

The sachet packaging machinery can be accompanied by secondary elements such as conveyor belts, cartoning machines and boxing systems in order to offer the final product fully packed and boxed.

  final product packed and boxed - INVpackSachet paracetamol - INVpack

Improving the sachet packaging process

Efficient machinery is necessary to increase the performance of sachet packaging. Technology and the world of industry is advancing very quickly, and machinery must be adapted and take advantage of these advances.
It is vital to ahve the engineering team fully trained and dedicating part of its time in the R&D area.
All these efforts in terms of resources can bring very competitive advantages in terms of production and profitability in terms of time and money.

Look for well-maintained machinery

Vertical packaging machinery must comply with hygiene, safety and maintenance standards. One aspect to take into account that its design allows an easy maintenance, an agile reel change and a simple cleaning that implies the shortest possible time with the best guarantees.

All these factors help to optimize production time during machine operation. And it is of vital importance that the % is as high as possible to increase the performance in sachet packaging.

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