4 solutions for packaging in single-dose stick packs

In the world of packaging there are many types of packaging, and the world of single-dose packaging is no exception. We find many types, from rigid to flexible packaging. 

If we focus on the latter variety, today we will focus on stick pack packaging. The flexible packaging with 3 seals: two horizontal and one vertical.

Stick pack packaging is a very good option, as it is a light and practical type of packaging to use. It is also more environmentally friendly, as it uses 33% less film (which can be recycled and/or recyclable) than other flexible packaging such as the sachet format.

On the other hand, the weight ratio between product and packaging is optimal. This is illustrated in the graph below:

Infografia STICK PACK

Get to know the formats for stick pack packaging

Within stick pack packaging, there are several options, as the stick pack is a format that can be adapted to the needs of the project. Not only on an aesthetic level, but also when it comes to keeping the product in the best conditions and guarantees.

Below are some examples of the most popular formats in which it is possible to pack in stick pack.

Standard stick pack

This is the traditional stick pack, the elongated sachet that we all have in mind.
It is very common in sectors such as food, cosmetics, nutrition, pharmaceuticals and even dairy products. In this way, we can say that it is a format that allows the packaging of liquid, solid, pasty and granulated products.

Within the standard stick pack, there may be variations such as rounded edges, opening system, etc. 

Stick pack para café - INVpack Stick pack para medicinas - INVpack Stick pack para alimentos - INVpack

Stick pack with displaced sealing

It has the same characteristics as a traditional stick pack, but instead of having the vertical seal centred at the back, it is located at the side.

Depending on the size of the envelope, it can be confused with a sachet, but the key to identify it is the 3 seals.

                                          Stick pack para gel silica - INVpack Stick pack para salsas - INVpack

Stick pack in special shape

In this case we find a stick pack with a totally personalised shape. 
In some situations, the packaging requires it, or simply for aesthetic reasons where a specific shape is desired.

                                             Stick pack alimento nutricional - INVpack Stick pack para champú - INVpack

Stick pack in strings

In some markets it is very common to pack in strings, such as in India or Indonesia.

The strings are stick packs joined together to form chains of a limited number of stick packs. In this case, the stick packs are usually more square in shape, and the elongated format is not so common.

Stick pack en ristras para café - INVpack

All these examples demonstrate the versatility of the stick pack format and its capacity to adapt to the product, sector and the special requirements of each project.

Stick pack catalogue - INVpack


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