3 single-dose packaging solutions in sachets

The sachet is a flexible single-dose package ready to pack any type of product; liquid, pasty, granular, powdered or even solid.

This requires vertical packaging machinery, which adapts to the desired type of packaging (length, width, volume...).

The sachet is a 4-seal envelope that is used in sectors such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, dairy and food to package their products in a single-dose format.

What formats are available for sachet packaging?

This type of single-dose packaging can have several shapes, all of them made with film that can be made of different materials depending on the needs of the product (propylene, aluminum, ...)

1. Conventional sachet:
This is the standard 4-seal sachet, rectangular/square style.
Conventional sachet - Packing in sachets - INVpack
2. Twin format: This format consists of packaging in sachet by joining two sachets. This format allows the packaging of 2 different products. An example could be the combination of sugar + spoon, shampoo + conditioner, salt and pepper, among others.
Twin sachet format - Packing in sachets - INVpack

3. Customized format: This is done when the sachet has a different shape from the conventional one, such as a bottle or triangular shape, as shown in the following image.
Customized sachet format - Packing in sachets - INVpack
This type of sealing for sachet packaging requires customization and adaptation of the machinery to make it possible.

Competitive advantages in sachet packaging

Sachet packaging in general and all its formats, has 3 very competitive advantages over other types of packaging:

1. Resistance: The materials used (film) for sachet packaging, allow elasticity, adaptability to the product and to external elements (temperature, luminosity, pressure) that make it totally resistant to those environmental factors that could affect the product inside.

2. Lightness: The film designed for flexible packaging allows the weight of the packaging to be minimal. And the product has the leading role in the overall weight.

3. Higher ratio between product and package: Packaging in sachet is a very good option to obtain the maximum product in the minimum space. The volume of the package itself is much smaller than the volume of the product to be packaged.

Product ratio - Packing sachets - INVpack

So, if your company is considering options regarding the format that best suits the needs of the product, the sachet is presented as one of the most complete and practical solutions globally, with a wide variety of machinery available for mass production.



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